Visual Sentiment Analysis(视觉情感计算·南开大学)

Visual sentiment analysis (VSA) from images has attracted significant attention with the increasing tendency of expressing opinions through posting images on social media. We focus on the challenging problem of automatic assessment of image sentiment, which has many applications, e.g. education, entertainment, advertisement, etc.

Here, the resources related to our recent work in this hot topic, including paper, code, data, model are released to the community. Please feel free to drop me an email (yangjufeng AT nankai DOT edu DOT cn) if you have any questions.

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Region-based Single Dominant Label Classification


Label Distribution Prediction


Applications & Related Topics

    Emotional Image Retrieval

  • Jufeng Yang, Dongyu She, Yu-Kun Lai, Ming-Hsuan Yang, Retrieving and Classifying Affective Images via Deep Metric Learning, AAAI, 2018, Oral [Paper][Code][BibTex]
  • Jiamei Fu*, Dongyu She*, Xingxu Yao, Yuxiang Zhang, Jufeng Yang, Deep Coordinated Textual and Visual Network for Sentiment-oriented Cross-modal Retrieval, PRICAI, 2018 [Paper][Code][BibTex]
  • Image Property

  • Jufeng Yang, Yan Sun, Jie Liang, Yong-Liang Yang, Ming-Ming Cheng, Understanding Image Impressiveness Inspired by Instantaneous Human Perceptual Cues, AAAI, 2018, [Paper][Code][BibTex]
  • Image Captioning

  • Jufeng Yang, Yan Sun, Jie Liang, Bo Ren, Shang-Hong Lai, Image Captioning by Incorporating Affective Concepts Learned from Both Visual and Textual Components, Neurocomputing, 2018 [Paper][Code][BibTex]
  • Text Emotion Recognition

  • Yuxiang Zhang, Jiamei Fu, Dongyu She, Ying Zhang, Senzhang Wang, Jufeng Yang, Text Emotion Distribution Learning via Multi-Task Convolutional Neural Network, IJCAI, 2018, Oral [Paper][Code][BibTex]